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We love our wedding & social clients! Many details, many emotions, such a celebration! You need someone to take you through the process from the standpoint of creative person in the know, tough negotiator, well networked advocate, personal assistant & true friend. You need someone to call on day/night, weekday/weekend…we're here for you! We stand as a team ready & waiting to make all your dreams come true, but from day one you are given one person to work with on all aspects of your event who will get to know you so well that they will be able to make decisions & choices, if need by, as you would to create your special day. Riehl Events will create an event your guests will talk about for years! Click below to see more of our client's events…

Riehl Events is a full-service event marketing, planning, production and strategy firm specializing in modern concept experiential marketing, detailed and indulged planning, refined strategy and tactics and flawless execution. Riehl Events produces an extensive palette of gatherings from celebrity-driven soirees to award and fashion shows, corporate events, trade shows, road shows and fundraisers. Riehl Events creates custom strategies and campaigns for each of our clients, taking ordinary to extraordinary using all disciplines of marketing to create immersive and cohesive event experiences. Every day we balance between passion and obsession for event marketing. When it comes to the world of all things modern, we cast ourselves as practitioners of the latter, with pride. Modern planning, modern strategy, furious love of the modern event, that is what we live and breathe in our day to day.


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